Curriculum & Extra-Curricular Activities


The school follows a broad curriculum based on the Kenya Primary Syllabus 8-4-4 system of Education.Other extra-curricular activities are supplemented to stimulate and excite learners.

Time-Table includes:

-All 8-4-4 subjects

-Computer from STD 1-8

-French classes from STD 1

-Physical Education


-Creative Activities


Extra-curricular Activities

-School field trips

-Wildlife Clubs

-Music and Drama Club


-4K Club

-Debate Club

-Guidance & Counselling

School Facilities

Computer lab-our school has awell equiped ICT rescource centre

Library-The school library offers a forum for futher reference. Various story books …

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The school is run by its able directors Mr and Mrs yobesh oyaro who see to the provision of the physical facilities,staff recruitment and …

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